Sunday, December 27, 2009

Homemade Goodies

I have been searching for unpressed bottle caps for awhile. I know people were wondering what is wrong with her ... LOL. But, the wait is over for the BIG reveal. I was working on this darling project for the ornament exchange my family does every year.

I found my bottle caps at a home brewing store I never even knew existed. After trying every store I could think of somehow home brewing popped into my head. I was able to buy my bottlecaps at Dave's Home Brew and Gourmet Too, 144 for $4.95. I did find some people on etsy who sell them, (like floresflorestanis) but with shipping I would not of gotten them in time. 

This photo is of pressed bottle caps (or used) they have indents in the lids.

And here is what they look like unpressed (or never used)

As the picture shows, the bottle caps started out silver, and then I painted them all white, like this picture depicts.

Each ornament gets 6 bottle caps to make them double-sided
2 snowman faces
2 buttons
1 name
1 year

Once you get everything painted, the assembling fun begins. Cut a piece of thin ribbon about 10 inches in length. Glue the bottom piece, leave a few centimeters, glue the middle piece, leave a few centimeters, and then glue the top piece. make a loop at the top and glue it down. Then, glue the all three pieces on top of the first three pieces with the ribbon in the middle.

Final Step, add a final or yawn of fabric to make a sweet little winter scarf.

and, WALLLAH! A simply adorable snowman bottle cap ornament. The perfect homemade Christmas gift! :)

Here is how I wrapped them!

Wouldn't you just LOVE to get that present under the tree???


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  1. I love love love my ornament....sooooooo cute!!


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