Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wedded Bliss

I LOVE weddings!!

I love the way the Bride sparkles, and the way the Groom Gloats almost like he is saying "she's mine" with his eyes. Everytime I get invited to a wedding, I get so excited!!! It is as if I am being asked to share in just of glitter of what the rest of their lives will look like.

I always envision them in thirty years when I am sitting at the wedding. I envision her being spoiled when she is sick, and her laughing at his jokes for the eight millionth time because she knows he likes it! I always pray as I'm sitting their watching them that the Lord will bless them for years to come, and WHEN {not if ... because it always will} it gets tough, they have the courage and strength to remember the love shared at the very moment they exchange their vows.

Takes me back to my wedding day .... ahhh. ;)

So, we went to our sweet friends wedding last weekend.
Cutest couple those two!

Just love them!
Congratulations Maggie and William!

So of course, I needed the perfect card for them.


and the most wonderful thank you card gift.



Thursday, June 24, 2010


I love summer! I'm not a kid anymore, but yet when the end of the school year comes, I still get excited as if it was! :)

Here are a few Summer 2010 Cards I have designed. All with flight in mind ...

All will be for sale shortly in my Etsy Shop.

Which one is YOUR FAVORITE!?!?!


Thursday, June 17, 2010


SOOOO, I have been a buying machine lately. LOL All in the name of fashion.  ;)

The best news ... I am a BARGAIN shopper!!! I never purchase full price, and always search for the best deals before purchasing. It makes getting that special item all the better when you KNOW you got a great price.

My newest purchases ...


Have you seen the MICHE bag???? Oh my gosh, the greatest invention in the WORLD!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my bag. :)

and my brand new gorgeous TOMS shoes. I love love love that they are fashionable, red, and since I purchased them, the company send a pair to a child in need. SWEET!!!!

I don't get to shop to terribly much these days, so when my Hubs lets me splurge, I enjoy it!!!

What is new with all of you!?!?!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cowboy Wedding

Daisy and Anthony are the perfect cowboy couple!

So, choosing their wedding theme was easy. Something casual, blue, western themed, and incorporated Daisy's love for butterflies!!

I think these invites create the most PERFECT invitations. Wish I could attend all the festivities!

Congratulations, and Best Wishes
Daisy & Anthony!!!


Saturday, June 5, 2010


Are you my facebook fan yet??? You totally should be. I showcase all kinds of work on their, and do fun giveaways. :) I think I'm pretty entertaining too. ;)

I am going to do a cross-over giveaway today. {but don't get use to this ... become my facebook fan for all the contests!!!!}


Many of you have seen & love my "I am Turd" Card

or my "Here for Support" Card

They are favs, & always a BIG HIT. I am searching for the next GREAT Slogan. BE CREATIVE!!!! {Please remember I run a Christian Company} Post on FACEBOOK ONLY, and the winner will get to approve the final design, and win a SET OF 12 FREE cards!!!!

** please refrain from derogatory sayings, or curse words as these will not be chosen** Everything should be appropriate for a child to pick up.

The facebook contest will run until midnight June 11th, and the winning slogan will be chosen by midnight June 12th. You may enter as many times as you like, but please put each slogan as a NEW COMMENT.

I can't wait to see what you come up with!!!



Friday, June 4, 2010

My Birthday Week

Around my house, a birthDAY doesn't exist. WE GET A WHOLE WEEK OF CELEBRATING.  A BirthWEEK :)

I have had the most wonderful few days, and there is more to come with a family dinner with David's side, and a family dinner with my parents. FUN!

Here are a few highlights from the last few days.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Birthday SALE

I am 25 today .... ekkk!

SO, to celebrate I am offering 25% off any purchase of $25.00 from my etsy shop now through Sunday June 6th at midnight. (are you noticing a recurring 25 number???)

This sale even works for CUSTOM ORDERS ... I know (you're welcome!!) If you have been considering ordering something for your sons birthday, or a few Father's Day cards, or whatever ... now is certainly the time.

There are 2 ways to order.

1 -- purchase from my etsy shop (with tag BDAY) for an immediate paypal refund


2 -- contact me prior and I will create a custom listing for you with the discounted price.


A Happy Birthday to me means SALE for you. Take advantage while you can!!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Call for Buttons!

I had a simply put FANTASTIC 5 day break!!

Hubs finished up school on Wednesday, and then we just had the best few days together! We slept in, ate pizza at our favorite local place on their patio, had an afternoon beverage one day ... we just lived the life of retirees for a few days. ;) Such a blessing!

Then, for the Holiday weekend, my favie kiddos came to spend the weekend with us. We did many fun things ...

We played in the fountains at CityGarden in downtown St. Louis

Had lunch at family friendly, yummy, and super cool Fitz Rootbeer in the Delmar Loop

Enjoyed the Variety Wonderland Playground in Forest Park

made homemade spaghetti with meatballs for dinner

AND THEN ... we had "the photo shoot" below ... 

How can anyone not looks at their sweet little faces and not smile!?! They keep my Hubs and I sane ... easy to love their sweet sweet little faces!!

ALSO ....

I am in need of old or new, unused or used, vintage or modern, all color, shape, and size BUTTONS! Happy to send you a pre-paid envelope if you'll agree to donate them! Do you have any lying around?? pretty please ... :) Leave me a comment, and then I will get in touch with you!!! 



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