Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Call for Buttons!

I had a simply put FANTASTIC 5 day break!!

Hubs finished up school on Wednesday, and then we just had the best few days together! We slept in, ate pizza at our favorite local place on their patio, had an afternoon beverage one day ... we just lived the life of retirees for a few days. ;) Such a blessing!

Then, for the Holiday weekend, my favie kiddos came to spend the weekend with us. We did many fun things ...

We played in the fountains at CityGarden in downtown St. Louis

Had lunch at family friendly, yummy, and super cool Fitz Rootbeer in the Delmar Loop

Enjoyed the Variety Wonderland Playground in Forest Park

made homemade spaghetti with meatballs for dinner

AND THEN ... we had "the photo shoot" below ... 

How can anyone not looks at their sweet little faces and not smile!?! They keep my Hubs and I sane ... easy to love their sweet sweet little faces!!

ALSO ....

I am in need of old or new, unused or used, vintage or modern, all color, shape, and size BUTTONS! Happy to send you a pre-paid envelope if you'll agree to donate them! Do you have any lying around?? pretty please ... :) Leave me a comment, and then I will get in touch with you!!! 



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