Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wedded Bliss

I LOVE weddings!!

I love the way the Bride sparkles, and the way the Groom Gloats almost like he is saying "she's mine" with his eyes. Everytime I get invited to a wedding, I get so excited!!! It is as if I am being asked to share in just of glitter of what the rest of their lives will look like.

I always envision them in thirty years when I am sitting at the wedding. I envision her being spoiled when she is sick, and her laughing at his jokes for the eight millionth time because she knows he likes it! I always pray as I'm sitting their watching them that the Lord will bless them for years to come, and WHEN {not if ... because it always will} it gets tough, they have the courage and strength to remember the love shared at the very moment they exchange their vows.

Takes me back to my wedding day .... ahhh. ;)

So, we went to our sweet friends wedding last weekend.
Cutest couple those two!

Just love them!
Congratulations Maggie and William!

So of course, I needed the perfect card for them.


and the most wonderful thank you card gift.



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