Friday, October 30, 2009


I'm back!!!!!

Sorry for the delay everyone, with my computer being under the weather (like seemingly a whole lot of others ...) I couldn't do much of anything. BUT, it is back (hooray!) which means I am back!

As promised, here are a few photos of the card party last weekend. What a treat that was. :)

I have been making lots of post office runs lately, thanks to all you awesome people ordering. Here is my promise, everytime you order, your package will come as perty as I can make it. ;) Here are a few examples ... (not trying to entice you to order or anything ... no ... not me ... wink wink)

Here is the design Tammy and I worked on for her BIG win. We added her love of gerber daisies into the mix ... so cute! What do you think?

I love my job! THanks to everyone who has supported me keeping it going.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rain Rain Rain

I heard a statistic today from my Mama, that of all the days thus far in October it has only NOT rained on 6 of them. Golly Molly! I cannot express in words how ready I am for some TRUE sunlight ... any time now. :)

All this rain does give me some inspiration though. :) See if you can follow my train of thought, LOL.



So, if the computer I use wasn't in the shop (DRATS ... I am on my parents now) I would be posting bridal shower invitations for you today to look at. Perhaps tomorrow....

But that will have to wait for now.

The card party this past weekend went GREAT! What a blessing. We had yummy food, good conversation, lots of samples, and several more people booked parties. WHAT FUN!!!! If you are interested in having a card party please let me know ... you get LOTS of free cards for being the host. ;) Who could resist that? I will post pictures just as soon as possible.

Stay dry ... ;)



Friday, October 23, 2009

And The Winner IS .... (drum roll please)

First I put the name of everyone who entered on a piece of paper.

Then I put on the names in a baggie ... (are you getting excited??)

Me holding up the baggie to draw the winner.

The winning piece of paper in my hands ...


(drum roll please !!!!)

TAMMY MARTIN!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Tammy, I will be sending you an email VERY soon to discuss your options for these darling cards. I will post pictures of Tammy's notecards as soon as they are complete.
Thanks to everyone who participated, I really appreciate it!

There will be many more drawings so, CHECK BACK OFTEN!


Have a GREAT weekend!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Magic & Holly (but not together!)

This weekend was very eventful. :) On Saturday my Hubs and I took out favorite little munchkins to the Magic House. What a great place to go and play pretend!!! We ran around all the different stories, touched the static ball, and hugged every giant animal around.

What an A+ day!!!!!

Today has been a very busy day! I have been working dilligently at finishing up two orders, AND still putting new items up. :) I LOVE MY JOB!!!!

Have a look at these darling Christmas cards .... don't you just love them?

Need Christmas Cards? I would LOVE to help!!!! Just leave a comment ... and don't forget about my GIVEAWAY!!!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Operation Organization

I love organization ... but I am not so good at it. Part of my problem is space (or at least I tell myself this ... hehe) My husband and I live in fairly tight quarters, and keeping things well organized can be a nightmare because not everything has a place.

BUT ... the one place I can control is my purse. I try ... sometimes unsuccessfully but I so try ... to keep my purse in working order. However, lately I have had coupons all over my purse!! I am a very happy coupon clipper, but there is nothing more annoying then knowing you clipped the coupon and not being able to find it. Then you hold up the line at the superstore politely apologizing to the miles of people behind you. (Does this only happen to me or some of you others out there???)

Well ... I refuse to have coupon issues anymore ... :)



I am actually looking forward to cutting out coupons Sunday. I think this is going to be VERY useful. Want one? Just leave a comment and we will talk.


Don't forget about MY GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!

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