Friday, October 30, 2009


I'm back!!!!!

Sorry for the delay everyone, with my computer being under the weather (like seemingly a whole lot of others ...) I couldn't do much of anything. BUT, it is back (hooray!) which means I am back!

As promised, here are a few photos of the card party last weekend. What a treat that was. :)

I have been making lots of post office runs lately, thanks to all you awesome people ordering. Here is my promise, everytime you order, your package will come as perty as I can make it. ;) Here are a few examples ... (not trying to entice you to order or anything ... no ... not me ... wink wink)

Here is the design Tammy and I worked on for her BIG win. We added her love of gerber daisies into the mix ... so cute! What do you think?

I love my job! THanks to everyone who has supported me keeping it going.


  1. The dasies look really cute on the cards. Are they flat? They look like they are real. Very pretty.

  2. Thanks so much! The daisies are flat. It was a gerber daisy photo.


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