Thursday, October 15, 2009


I love notecards! I think they are part of the reason I got into this business. I love the art that is writing a thank you note. There is something wonderful about it.

SOOOO ... :) ... what is your opinion of these ???

Have you seen enough to fall in love yet?

well ..... (ehhhhhh!!!!)

In honor of my love of notecards I am giving away
(it is okay say it .... WHOO HOOO!!!!)

I can do any color combination and any font. I can do you name or a quick monogram. Basically, I will work with you to make sure that you get exactly what you want, and then send you an email for approval before printing. So you must be asking ....

Serioulsy Chrissy You Rock ... What could be better then free notecards?

How about a free matching reuseable paper box???

(I know ... WHOO HOO!!)

Wanna win???

It's super easy.

1. Become a Public Follower of my blog :)
(or let me know if you already are ... )


2. Leave a comment on this post :)

(as an added bonus ... (wink wink) if you blog about this giveaway and leave me a seperate comment saying you did say so I will put your name in for A SECOND ENTRY!)

Easy right?
OH YEA!!!!!!!!!!!

Contest ends on October 22nd at midnight central time.
I will announce the winner October 23rd right here.

ready ...

set ...



  1. very cute as always,Christina! I would love to get info about a card party...I could probably get a couple together for you in the future. I am subscribed to your blog so let me know if I can advertise your product with some note cards! :-) Tammi McGinn

  2. your notecards look wonderful. Very cute idea! ~Maggie

  3. As always way cute!!! Enter me in your contest please. I love note cards!!

  4. I hope that my hint to advertise meant I would be entered in the drawing!

  5. Love the notecards. I just used my last one the other day...I think it's time for some new ones!!

  6. LOVE to have those!! LOL :)
    Lesley Ratchford Granger.

  7. Oh how lovely! I would love to be entered in this fantastic giveaway! I am now a follower! (O:

  8. Hi Chrissy I think about you often and of course would love to get in on this giveaway drawing. Your work looks amazing...hope I win!! :)


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