Monday, October 12, 2009


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I love Halloween. Not the gross bloody stuff, but the cute stuff. Happy little pumpkins, sweet mummies, cartoon frankensteins ... I just can't get enough of it all.

SOOOO ... I made this darling little monster set. The perfect little gift card set to buy for yourself, or send to someone who loves Halloween and Hugs as much as me!!!

If you want one, just leave a comment, I will be happy to make on for you!! :)

What happened to the monster children who ate all their vegetables?

"they grusome"

do monsters eat popcorn with their fingers? they eat them seperately

how does a monster count to 21?

"on its fingers"

what type of flowers do monsters like?

moaning glories and merrighouls

what kind of math did the monster student do best?

...square root.

how do monsters tell their fortune?

they read the horrorscopes.

Who wouldn't love this set, for real??  :)

Another favorite tonight, TACO NIGHT!!! Enjoy the recipe, and photos.

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  1. Oh my Goodness!!! I absolutely love these little monsters!!! They are too cute. by the way, i am obsessed with reading amazing, creative people's blogs...I am so bookmarking your page!
    this is angelina
    you are doing great in life...we need to catch up soon


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