Friday, October 16, 2009

Operation Organization

I love organization ... but I am not so good at it. Part of my problem is space (or at least I tell myself this ... hehe) My husband and I live in fairly tight quarters, and keeping things well organized can be a nightmare because not everything has a place.

BUT ... the one place I can control is my purse. I try ... sometimes unsuccessfully but I so try ... to keep my purse in working order. However, lately I have had coupons all over my purse!! I am a very happy coupon clipper, but there is nothing more annoying then knowing you clipped the coupon and not being able to find it. Then you hold up the line at the superstore politely apologizing to the miles of people behind you. (Does this only happen to me or some of you others out there???)

Well ... I refuse to have coupon issues anymore ... :)



I am actually looking forward to cutting out coupons Sunday. I think this is going to be VERY useful. Want one? Just leave a comment and we will talk.


Don't forget about MY GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!

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