Friday, October 9, 2009


Sorry for the late update. First my internet modem went caput, and now I'm trying to get over feeling pretty sicko. BLAH.

But, on a very happy note, the Bridal Show seemed to a worth while success. Not as many brides as I expected, BUT, the ones that were there seemed super interested. :) Thanks to everyone who came out and stopped by my booth. :)

Here are a few pictures of the night!

Special CONGRATULATIONS to Stacy who won the show raffle!

Also, as a special BONUS, the first bride who was at the show to comment and become a follower of my blog will WIN a VERY VERY special prize! So, COMMENT AWAY!!!!!!!! (*HINT* There maybe (could be, I'm thinking yes) additional prizes, so don't not post just because you aren't the first!)**your name must be on the list of brides in attendance in order to win**

As I get feeling better I will have more posts to come.



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  1. Hi Crissy! I came to your show and loved your invitations and menu cards! Thanks for sharing!


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