Friday, May 28, 2010


My Hubs and I are at the place in our lives where we relish time together. We love every single second of doing things, just the two of us!!! :)

We both ADORE sushi, and have been wanting badly to try Drunken Fish, a restaurant in the St. Louis area, for some time. We finally got over there, and we CANNOT WAIT TO GO BACK!!!!!!

The rolls were truly amazing, the drinks were exquisite, and the dessert ... OH MY GOODNESS!!!!

If you live close, give it a shot! It is a little $$$ but for a splurge night once in a blue moon, totally worth it. The atmosphere too is really fresh and hip! :)

So of course, all that sushi got me in a mood!


These are my newest 3x3 card sets. SOOO perfect for birthday tags, lunch box notes, and simple thank you notes. They come 4 to a box with homemade colored envelopes, and an adorable reusable paper box. :)

Can you say the perfect present???


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