Tuesday, May 25, 2010

a different angle

I have been having a lot of feelings lately friends about my life. I think mostly I am weighing on the reality that in just a few short days I will be 25 (YIKES!) It isn't old, and I don't feel old, but I feel ... VOID?? Perhaps that isn't truly a good indication of what is going on inside me either ...

I am one of those people that have lists and lists and lists of TO DO, and Bucketlists, and wants, and tries, and high and low, and never... and yet my lists seem to get longer, but the checks of satisfaction knowing I did one of those items seem to be so few.

How does one go about changing their life to not be about making another item to check off, but about checking off what is currently on the list??

I have accomplished much in my almost 25 (gulp!) years of existence, and yet it seems so small in the vastness that is this beautiful world ...

Not sure why that felt important ... but it did. :)

How do you make your dreams reality??


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  1. Two things from an old lady:
    1) Curiosity with your creativity and your world is not a bad thing. Along the way you can focus on what truly inspires you, and that you have a passion about.
    2) Once you find that passion, then you can focus--focus on what is at hand to do.

    But my guess is that you will always have lots of interests, and again, that is not a bad thing, just an insatiable curiosity!!! You'll be a gal with lots of adventures to tell your grandkids!


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