Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Maryl's Wedding Invitations

Creating wedding invitations is a treat no matter who the client. I love learning about the couple; their likes and dislikes, wedding vision, colors etc. etc. I have often said, and mean ... my favorite part of being an invitation designer is getting to use my husband and Is name on all the samples ... then, it is like we get re-married a couple times a month. :)

Recently though, I had the pleasure of creating wedding invitations for dear friends of my Hubs and I. The process was more fun then you could imagine with girly planning meetings and tons of laughs while the boys played chess on the floor. LOL

Here is the final product.


I think they turned out just wonderful. What do you think??

Also, on another note ... I have a request for all my favorite blog friends {that is anyone who reads}. Take a few seconds and learn about sweet little Satori, and consider sending her a little note of thought in the next week. 


Tori is having spinal fusion on March 31st. I am asking people to send her postcards at the hospital. Remember how much fun snail mail was before we were grown ups and the only thing we got was bills and junk?
The surgery info and shipping address is here I will post pictures of Tori and her postcards there once she gets them. 

Here are my postcards, I hope she LOVES them!!


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