Sunday, July 25, 2010

Business Cards

It is funny how business comes to me. It always seems like it comes in patterns. :) 

Weddings the first half of the year
Baby showers early summer
business cards & pamphlets etc middle summer
Weddings again fall
Christmas Cards later in the year

Right now ... it is a MAJOR focus on buiness cards. Here are a few of my newest designs.

This one is for a Pampered Chef Consultant.
It is double sided with a place for clients to write items they love on the back.

This is for a Thirty-One Consultant
The business card showcases a double-sided pink and orange dream :)

a cutey cute cute bird inspired business card
perfect for lots and lots of different businesses.

This was a sample created for a image consulting business.
I love the vintage feel :)

This is my personal favorite!
It showcases vintage mannequins!

I love business
I love that is seems to change at just the right times, so I'm never bored.

What a blessing Christina Studio Designs is to me.
Thanks to everyone who makes it possible!!


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