Friday, April 2, 2010

Nashville or BUST

Hubs and I love love love to travel!!! We don't get to do it as often as both of us would like, but seriously, WE LOVE IT!!!!! We have been on some pretty awesome trips in the time we've been together ...

We have been to Chicago for a Cards/Cubs game, and lots of sightseeing.

We have traveled to Michigan to visit my relatives and got to spend time in Mackinaw Island.

We have spent time in Washington State together visiting his family, Seattle, Puget Sound, and Mount St. Helens just to name a few of the highlights from the trip of a lifetime.

We've been to St. Genevieve where we spent out 1st anniversary "wine-ing" it up. ;)

We've spent a Valentine's Day in Hermann at a darling Bed & Breakfast.

We've visited the Creation Museum in Hebron, Kentucky. That also included a trip to Kings Island Amusement Park. ( IT WAS AWESOME)

We have even spent time "camping" ... and that is in parenthesis because it was sooo cold and rainy we left the next morning before 8am. hahaha

There are many more places on our list of adventures we wish to go on.

This weekend, we are taking an adventure to Nashville, Tennesee. Neither of us have ever been, and we are sooo looking forward to time together, the dinner aquarium, and the shopping {okay, that last one is just me} 

We have decided to try and find pictures of the entire alphabet in architecture while we are away. I will pot our results when we return. :) Here are some of my past projects with these photo names ...

Today is known as GOOD FRIDAY, and it is GOOD for more reasons then just a holiday. 6000 years ago my best friend was crucified on a cross, and in three day HE ROSE AGAIN. Jesus is alive and well. May you be blessed this glorious time of year, and always.


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  1. We share an interest in traveling. I live in Washington and Mount St. Helens is a favorite of mine. In fact, my latest novel, Tenderfoot, is a romantic suspense with a sub-plot of the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption. Everything about the 1980 events regarding the mountain are accurate. I took that timeline and wove my story around it.


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