Thursday, April 1, 2010

Packaging Perfection

I LOVE selling on Etsy. It is such an amazing feeling knowing there are people out there that are using the products I design, print, cut, fold, and assemble ... with love ... just for them.

I have been really trying to work on my customer service. I think part of that is learning what people appreciate. From this point on, when you order from me you will get a sweet little thank you card with awesome packaging for FREE. ;) Who doesn't love that??

What do you think??


Also, every order will get a very valuable coupon! 20% off your next order!!!

I am really working hard to get my face out into the community so in the next few weeks, you are going to see my posting a lot of craft fairs I am going to make an appearance at. Love to see some of you coming out to support the handmade community.




  1. very cool Christina! i think everyone can tell you really care about your customers and having a great product for them:O)


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