Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Card Designs

I have a few new card designs I'm excited to share!


This is one of my very favorite new card designs. It features the cute little whale {of course!} in 3D elements, meaning it pops off the page, and so does the first wave. Cute Cute Card for all ages. You can purchase now at my etsy shop!

His & Her Bridal Shower Card

Again, the sweetest card. Just perfect for a bridal shower! Easily customizable with bride & grooms name if you don't want His & Hers. Colors can easily be updated to any brides wedding. Just a cute card with 3D popping towels. ADORABLE! Will be for sale on etsy soon, but you can always pre-purchase with me at


Sometimes finding the perfect sympathy card is hard. This sweet card is just PERFECT! Cute little flowers, subtle colors, and beautiful type. It isn't for sale just yet on etsy, but will be shortly. This set is GREAT because you can purchase several and keep them on hand. LOVE IT! 

How about you?


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