Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paper and Pub

Well, since I started my business I ordered from an online paper supplier {they shall remain nameless} and I was overall pleased with their service. The hard part was when I would run out of something by mistake and then have to wait a week to get it restocked. It would get so annoying.

I had a big show last month, and printed until my little hearts content and had a huge inventory on hand. BUT when I started packaging everything I realized I didn't have enough envelopes. My first thought was pure frustration, but then how can I fix this?!? I pulled out the phone book, and began frantically calling anyone and everyone who might have the correct size envelopes in stock. Of course, I got to the very last listing, and no luck. The lady on the other end of the phone was so sweet though, she said why don't you try PAPER AND MORE in Sunset Hills.

I called, they hard it and CHEAPER!

So, I no longer use the online store at all! I now use this little quaint paper store that has everything under the sun IN STOCK! WHOO

The other night we went out there to stock up on paper, and then decided to eat dinner at a restaurant across the street. It was called Growlers Pub, and IT ROCKED!!! Seriously, a really awesome place with a MASSIVE outdoor seating area. GO GO GO!

Here are a few photos. :)
{sorry they aren't so good ... I just had my phone on me}

Both places ROCK!
Go check them out!


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