Thursday, September 24, 2009


I have been working on SUPER fun Superhero Invitations for a five year old boys birthday party. The invitations incorporate his favorite colors and theme, but also a cute little photo for his Mom to cherish. It is the perfect blend of fun and party.

We dropped this off at a Bread Co, and the client was SUPER happy ... and that makes me SUPER :). Upon leaving the drop off site, we saw a man, dressed as a banana announcing free ColdStone Ice Cream ... who can ever resist that? Sooo ... my husband and I went for dessert before dinner. It was, of course, SUPER!!!! The free ice cream was in honor of the Make a Wish Foundation, a charity I LOVE supporting. Check out their website at Here are a few fun photos of us enjoying our dessert BEFORE out dinner at McAllisters (where we supported the Cornerstone Christian Church School).

Called Jack's Creation -- vanilla with brownies sprinkles and carmel ... SUPER!!!

How does it taste?


What a great night.
Hope you enjoy the invites, and that everyone had a SUPER day.


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