Saturday, January 2, 2010

2nd Annual Watson Christmas Letter

Hubs and I have been married for 1 year and a few months. We greatly enjoy sending out Christmas cards to all our friends and family.

This year was a little different then last year. I was so busy busy busy with my business (thanks for that all you wonderful readers) that I didn't get our card and newsletter out on time this year. Silly me! So, to not let all our hard work go to waste, I'm posting them on here. :)

Dear Friends and Family:

It's that time of year for our 2nd Annual Christmas Letter. This year was a major eventful year as Christina and I celebrated our 1st Anniversary! We went to the wineries in St. Genevieve and stayed at a family friend's cabin for the weekend. It was a nice get away for the both of us! We loved every minute of our mini vacation!!! We are very very blessed!

We also had the pleasure of traveling to Washington State to spend a week with my sick Grandmother. We enjoyed getting together with family, and are grateful we had the opportunity to spend time with Grandma June. Unfortunately, she passed away in August; we attended funeral services for her. We are looking forward to spending eternity with her in Heaven.

This year also had another life changing experience as Jessica, Christina's sister, joined the Navy. Her first assignment was to Hawaii where the weather is an awesome 80 degrees year round! Lucky for her because it's 20 degrees here in St. Louis!  The transition has been hard for everyone involved, but we are prayerfully awaiting what God does with Jessica through the Navy.

Christina started her own business, and that has been hugely successful. She started making cards and invitations of all kinds. Whether it's birthday party, wedding invites, Christmas cards, or whatever holiday you want to celebrate, she can come up with something stupendous! You can check out some of her samples at: You can also check them out at: Leave her some comments; she would love to hear from you! It has been super busy for her working at home, but she's loving every single minute of it.

I am currently working through my third year at Hazelwood Central High School. This year, I got the pleasure of teaching upper-class men in Algebra II. Although I am grateful for the opportunity to impact student's lives and the job that I have in this economy, I am looking for something a bit closer to home on the Illinois side. Driving 40 minutes to and from work gets a little bit tedious!

Harley is still just as adorable as ever! He brings much happiness to Christina and I. Probably the cutest thing he does is wait for daddy on top of the couch. He's always waiting for me to pull in and start walking to the door after work. His excitement to see me makes me look forward to the day when my own kids do that to me (and no moms, we are not pregnant)! Harley is anxiously awaiting the day when he gets a German Shepherd for a bigger brother. In the mean time, he gets the pleasure of being the "only child" of the Watson house.

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you had a blessed 2009, and we will continue to pray for good health and good fortune for all of you in 2010.


David, Christina and
Harley Watson


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