Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nonsense :)

I am laying in my nice comfy bed ... puppy laying close, gorgeous sun streaming through the bedroom window, Hubs home from work because his school day was canceled ... and for whatever reason blogging seems important.

The issue is ... a topic isn't just coming to me.

Usually I sit down with a few pictures, an idea, and bada-boom-bada-bing the post almost creates itself. But on this snowy day my thoughts seem as lazy as I feel.

So here goes ... my first post about nonsense :)

The truth is, my hubs and I are super blessed to share many of the same interests.

- we both LOVE traveling and often spend hours chatting before falling asleep about all the places we want to visit
              a) we are hoping to make it to Hawaii sooner rather then later

- we both dream of owning a home to fill with sweet children (and of course his german shepherd dog)

- we are both major foodies and love trying new restaurants with new kinds of foods ... we also greatly enjoy cooking together
             a) we are HUGE Lotawata Creek fans ;)

- we both love the cinema
               a) we both LOVED "The Blindside"

- we love supporting small businesses and not large chains as much as possible (although we are guilty of going to Wal-Mart way too much)

- we both enjoying watching Fox News Channel in the evenings; especially Bill O'Reilly (even if I do poke fun of him about it a little ;p)

- we both could read books for an entire weekend without an ounce of boredom
                 his most recent selection : Bold, Fresh by Bill O'Reilly

                 my most recent selection : Dear John by Nicolas Sparks

-- we both love a good glass of wine
             a) our favorite winery (thus far) is Cave Winery in Ste. Genevieve and we love love love their
                 Cave Rock Red.

SOOO ... I bet you are wondering what all this is leading up to. LOL Well, it is simple. Right now we are young, but someday, we won't be. We have so many wonderful dreams. and together we have decided to put them down on paper.

We are going to make 2 separate bucket lists with the 50 things we want to do before we "Kick the Bucket" -- concept similar to the movie "The Bucketlist" which we both greatly enjoyed.

So, my plan is to beautifully write down both of our bucketlists and then frame them somehow super lovely and modern like ... then as soon as possible hang them above our beds. I think it will help us remember our dreams as we are lying in bed, and give us a visual representation of what we have accomplished as we check dreams off. :)

Maybe I will even create His and Her Shadow Boxes for out lists so that way we can also hold keepsakes of our dreams in them too.

Sooo many ideas circling me.

I will post photos of the finished product when it is complete ... whatever I decide.

Thanks for reading.



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