Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ode to Damask

Sometimes I am a walking contradiction. LOL I know this about myself. There are times it frustrates me, but mostly it baffles me. hehe I have learned to accept it. :)

a few examples ...

-- I HATE peanut butter ... but will eat a reeses buttercup or butterfinger {don't ask me!}

-- I love love love quiet nights in ... BUT ... equally love "wild" nights out {i know ... strange!!}

-- I love sweet wine ... BUT ... full-bodied wines, I will pass thank you {lol}

these are only a few of the many many contradictions I find myself in daily. :)

-- I love simple and clean ... BUT I also love bold prints and wild colors ... we have been leading up to this, my newest Etsy treasury. :)

It features lovely shops with lovely items! :)
You should have a look ...

In other news ...

I have been sick and my sweet yorkie puppy has not left my lap. I suppose he can sense my yuckiness ... here is his sweet photo snuggled up on my lap!! :)



  1. i'm the same way!!
    and i'm gonna get a treasury one of these days!


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