Sunday, January 17, 2010

How it all Began -- Part III

Read here first ...
then read here second ... and you're caught up for Part III. :)

The Christmas Season came, and it was our first one married. We decorated our apartment, bought a Christmas tree, and drank hot chocolate. We enjoyed many new memories together and got our First Christmas Ornament. :)


 It was blessed despite my dampening spirit without a job. Hubs went above and beyond and got me an awesome camera lens. It was a splurge of faith.

It wasn't until after the New Year that things began to change. Hubs and I were at church one Sunday in January, and a lady my husbands parents knew well asked me if I would be interested in creating her daughters wedding invitations. I hadn't done a lot with weddings prior, but I did make my own wedding invitations, which I loved.

I believed I could create them and create them well ... It was this thought that started it all!


  1. oh wow! how wonderful is this!?!?! congrats!

  2. wow!! Great story of your life and business!! Thank you for sharing!!


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